We improved the energy efficiency of Sõpruse Ärimaja

E.L.L Kinnisvara, the owner and administrator of Sõpruse Ärimaja, completed in 2007, invested EUR 200,000 to improve the energy efficiency of the office building, by installing, among other things, a combined power and heat plant. Over the period of the first seven months, accessory expenses for the 28 companies in the office building have been cut by 5%.

With the goal of improving the energy efficiency of Sõpruse Ärimaja, from the end of 2015 to the autumn of 2016, in cooperation with our partner in the field of energy, AU Energiateenus OÜ, we implemented measures for conserving and using energy more efficiently in the office building. Within the framework of the activities in question, in September 2016 we installed a 55 kW capacity gas-fired combined power and heat plant. Implementation of the energy efficiency measures has resulted in a noticeable reduction in the building’s general electricity costs and ultimately over the first seven months the accessory expenses for lessees has decreased by an estimated five per cent in comparison with the same period in the previous season.

As the owners and administrators of the office building, we call on all of the businesses and their employees to contribute on a daily basis to being more energy efficient, through their behaviour and choices.  We recommend using efficient electrical appliances, switching off lights when leaving a room and avoiding the unnecessary use of energy in any manner whatsoever.