Skanstes Biznesa Centrs office complex is more than just an office or a building – it includes several buildings, services and a public room. It is a prestigious destination for even the most demanding clients and a place for employees to be proud to work at.  As the developer, our aim is to create a multifunctional environment, which helps to grow the business of the companies located here. The class A office buildings, designed in BIM and according to BREEAM standards, are energy efficient and sustainable, helping to control costs in a long-term perspective. The whole complex is developed basing on the needs of every single individual working here. Wisely planned and functional working environment inside and outside of the buildings inspires people and keeps them healthy and motivated.


  • The whole complex includes five office buildings with the total office gross area of approximately 55,000 m². There will be 2,000 parking spaces in the office complex with 1,100 of them located in the parking house and 900 in the underground parking garages.
  • The first development phase features a twin 11-storey tower office building with the office gross area of over 28,000 m² and a parking space for 420 cars.
  • The second development phase includes three office buildings with the total office gross area of over 25,000 m² and the parking house.

Location: The project is located in Skanste, the most modern part of Riga. According to the strategy of the city, the rapidly developing new district is the priority territory of the commercial real estate development. Skanste has a great access from the other territories of Riga via the main streets both, by car and public transportation. In addition, a bicycle path connects the center of Riga and Mežaparks. In the future, additional transportation infrastructure solutions are planned by the city, including the new tramline in 2021.

Skanstes Biznesa Centrs has a prime location inside Skanste district, being in the middle of the district near Arena Riga, the residential buildings of „Merks“ and parks in a close vicinity. The complex has a great visibility and a good accessibility from both sides of Skanstes Street, which is also planned to be the route for the new tramline. In addition, Riga Conference and Concert Center is planned to be located just across the street of the complex.

Skanstes Biznesa Centrs brochure in PDF


Andris Stankevičs Member of the Board, Technical DirectorMob: + 371 2 654