Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts

We have entered into a three-year cooperation agreement to support the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA) which is launching a large-scale research project “Unfinished City”. The project focuses on urban development visions and future spatial scenarios for Tallinn. The research spans over six semesters and includes EAA lecturers, research fellows, doctoral students and outside experts. The City of Tallinn is also one of the cooperation partners. In every semester, one specific subject will be thoroughly analysed and the results will be introduced to the public.

SOS Children’s Villages homes in Kohtla-Järve

In 2016 we supported the acquisition and fixing up of SOS Children’s Villages homes in Kohtla-Järve. At present, the children live in an Estonian hostel type children’s home but when the apartments are ready they can relocate to SOS Children’s Villages to be taken care of parents of the family.

Sõru Jazz and Lighthouse concerts

As of 2015 we have been sponsoring projects that bring quality music to many music lovers. In 2017 we will continue sponsoring two great music festivals. Sõru Jazz, a festival that takes place at Kalana/Sõru Port in Hiiumaa, features nearly 60 jazz musicians performing in the midst of junipers and boats in the course of four days. The Tuletorni Kontsert (Lighthouse Concert) held in Rannapungerja alongside Lake Peipus during two days nourishes the soul of those seeking romance as well as those who are more fond of rock music.
soru_jazz_logo tuletorni_kontsert_logo

Estonian Tennis Association

In 2015, E.L.L. Kinnisvara signed a three-year cooperation agreement with the Estonian Tennis Association. As a gold sponsor, we are focusing on supporting the development of young talent on the junior team.

Tallinn International Horse Show

In 2012 and 2013 E.L.L. Kinnisvara provided support for the capital’s annual equestrian extravaganza, the Tallinn International Horse Show, where the best European riders and mounts square off in Saku Arena, with world-class performances in competition and a show programme.

Tallinn International Horse Show is a unique riding show in the Baltics, which will offer something for everyone interested in horses and equestrian sports. In addition to gripping jumping and dressage competitions and versatile show programs, this year’s top event will also offer the chance to enjoy a FEI World Cup event in jumping. In 2012, Tallinn International Horse Show was attended by 82 athletes on 160 horses from 10 countries. Over three days, nearly 12,000 spectators visited the horse show

Horse Show












Shopping centre Spice supports music and sport events

Shopping complex Spice has been collaborating with pop-star Laima Vaikule for many years. Spice supports concerts and together rejoices her talent and charm. International music festival Laima Vaikule Jūrmala Rendez-Vous hosted by worldwide known singer Laima Vaikule is held in Jūrmala in the middle of the summer for second year.

Shopping complex Spice also has been collaborating with Brainstorm. It is the most emanating band in Latvia. As well its singer Renārs Kaupers was considered being one of the most charismatic singers in Europe. Brainstorm gained 2nd place in Eurovision Song Contest, 2000..

Spice_Laima_rudens_2-01   Brainstorm  Brainstorm 2

There are values that do not change – this phrase can be referred to collaboration with Summertime festival which has been found and hosted by Inese Galante. Spice has supported this high level festival for years. Famous classical music artists from all around the world have been invited by Inese Galante. They delight Latvian audience once a year.

Spice takes care about young artists and supports famous vocal children ensemble Knīpas un Knauķi which has celebrated their 45th anniversary this year. Young artists have entertained shopping complex audience in various events.

New friendship and collaboration have been begun with one of the recognizable local singers- Dons. The work on new concert program has been already launched and concert tour with involvement of all supporters is going to be announced in autumn.

Spice is interested in promoting active and healthy lifestyle and supports sport activities. Collaboration with Rīgas Velomaratons  (Riga Bicycle Marathon) continues. Spice supports Family distance which greatly reflects the basic values of the shopping complex: family, being together, participating in leisure activities. Rīgas Velomaratons is a great opportunity to ride a bike along the main streets of the city and not to be afraid of cars.

Summertime (2) Cycling  _MG_2782



SLC “PANORAMA” is one of the main long-term sponsors of the major fashion festival in Lithuania, called “Fashion infection”. By sponsoring this festival for several years in a row, we express solid support for young, brave and promising artists, offering them opportunities to exhibit their work. We also contribute in helping festival organizers to create an exceptional fashion party in town; therefore, the whole city of Vilnius welcomes new Spring/Summer collections with a hype and great mood each year.

Mados infekcija _ Made in Vilnius photo