The modern façade lighting for Tallinn’s Old Town has been completed


The modern façade lighting completed for the towers and walls of Tallinn’s Old Town awakens them to new life as darkness falls and one can almost hear them whispering of their exciting history. More information on the project and the objects it illuminates can be found on the homepage

This noble project was financed by Kapitel real estate company for the amount of more than 800,000 euros, making it one of the largest private investments in the public spaces of Tallinn. The lighting solution was designed and constructed by Merko.

“With the Old Town tower and wall lighting project, we tried to contribute to bringing the best part of Tallinn to light. Since we have the opportunity to make something better, we just had to give in to the temptation and make it happen,” said Toomas Annus, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Kapitel.

Tallinn’s Deputy Mayor, Kalle Klandorf, has said in a city press release: “The towers and buildings will no longer be lit from far off by powerful floodlights; rather, much less powerful lighting will be used. The new lighting for the Old Town’s buildings is wonderfully velvety, and it brings out the nuances of the objects, creating a mysterious and medieval overall picture.“

Over the course of the project, about 40 objects received new lighting and nearly 600 LED lights were installed. The new warm LED’s offer 20 times the energy saving of the previous lights and cast a warm, gentle glow on the walls, creating a cosy, pleasant atmosphere.

The author of the lighting project is the Finnish company Lighting Design Collective, winner of the competition held by the city of Tallinn in 2017. The winning concept is an expression of respect for the scars and fragments of history that the walls represent. The light architects have arranged the intensities, angles, and levels to highlight the original character of the Old Town. The lighting project gives many of the Old Town Locales an air of authenticity, emphasising their exciting history and casting light and shadow on the details that the past has shaped. The centre of attention is focused on the details that accentuate the buildings’ unique aspects and thanks to the carefully selected light levels, create a comfortable mood in the Old Town’s open spaces.

Kapitel (, previously known as E.L.L. Real Estate, is one of the Baltics’ largest real estate companies, engaged mainly in developing and managing retail, hotel and office buildings. The group controls over 185,000 m2 of rental space. The company owns four office buildings (Delta Plaza and the Sõpruse Ärimaja office building in Tallinn, Narbuto 5 in Vilnius and I.P. Pavlova 5 in Prague) and has co-ownership in various leading shopping centres (Spice and Spice Home in Riga, Panorama in Vilnius and Viru Keskus in Tallinn). The company also owns the Nordic Hotel Forum (managed by OÜ Nordic Hotels) and, with AS Infortar, Tallink City Hotel (managed by Tallink Hotels).