Kapitel to invest over half a million euros in the energy-efficiency of Sõpruse Ärimaja and Delta Plaza office buildings


Kapitel invests more than half a million euros in improving the energy-efficiency of two office buildings in its portfolio – Sõpruse Ärimaja and Delta Plaza. To our knowledge, Sõpruse Ärimaja is, among other things, now the first building in Estonia to have both solar power and a combined heat and power plant which supply the building via a direct line.

Kapitel focuses on the creation and management of sustainable, functional and aesthetic environments for people and enterprises. We apply this principle in both new and existing development projects. We consistently invest in maintaining and increasing the level of the buildings in our portfolio and creating a better business environment for our lessees. In this respect, energy-efficiency is one of the most important areas.

In 2016, Kapitel installed a natural gas fuelled combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Sõpruse Ärimaja and now we have also constructed a solar power plant in the building. The investment into these projects amounts to 200,000 euros.

In cooperation with our energy projects partner AU Energiateenus OÜ, we installed 218 solar panels with a total capacity of 69.7 kW on the roof of Sõpruse Ärimaja. The planned electricity output of the solar power plant is 61 MWh a year and its useful life will be at least 25 years. The solar power plant started generating power in spring 2018.

The total nominal power capacity of the CHP and the solar plant is 125 kW which is intended for the building’s own consumption.

As the solar power plant will generate electricity mainly in summer and the CHP mainly in winter, this combination is ideal for ensuring local power generation all year round.

In parallel with constructing the CHP, we invested 57,000 euros in improving the energy-efficiency of technical utility systems in Sõpruse Ärimaja.

By the end of 2018, we shall replace the lights in general areas with energy-efficient LED lights both in Sõpruse Ärimaja and Delta Plaza, investing a total of 250,000 euros. We are also considering the implementation of other solutions to increase the energy-efficiency of the buildings.

AU Energiateenus OÜ’s video of the solar power plant of Sõpruse Ärimaja office building https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCeu08hNDCU