During the first two years of activity SAULĖS MIESTAS fashion and leisure centre hosted nearly double the amount of people than the number of the Lithuanian population


During the first year of activity Šiauliai MLC SAULĖS MIESTAS (SM) fashion and leisure centre boasted a turnover of 140 million litas and the centre was visited by more than 6 million people. These two numbers surpassed even the most optimistic expectations. SM which opened its door on March 14th of last year belongs to ELL Real Estate, the largest real estate development company in the Baltic States.

It is customary in the retail sector that the largest number of people visits shopping centres at the end of the year, when Christmas sales begin. December was a month of records for SM – over 0.8 million buyers visited the fashion and leisure centre.

According to SM director Eligijus Barista, MLC SAULĖS MIESTAS fashion and leisure centre targets Šiauliai region population with average to higher income. “From the very beginning of our activity we attempt to maintain our style, our exclusivity, and try to attract novelty and modernity to Šiauliai, our fast growing city. This is why I think that we already have our loyal clientele to whom SM is more than a mere shopping spot“, Eligijus Barista said.

Three SM levels host a hundred of different companies, underground and above-ground parking of several levels, and a modern bus station. As much as 37% of area is occupied by footwear shops and outlets for kids, 22% is covered by Rimi shopping centre, 11% by catering companies, 8% by service providing companies and 22% are others. The total area of building is 25000 m2, the area of the shopping centre is 20000 m2, and the bus station – 800 m2. SM has parking for 900 cars. 50% of trademarks at MLC SAULĖS MIESTE are new to Šiauliai: these are NewYorker, Reserved, Monton, Salamander, Džinsų Centras, Bravaria, Fortas etc. SM hosts the Carus Navalis bowling club which interior is a pleasant surprise for its numerous visitors.

SM plays an active role in Šiauliai life. The centre has already promoted and supported over 14 different social and cultural events. The latest event initiated by SM was the long-term support action ‘Mūsų visų vaikai’ (‘All our children’). Visitors to the fashion and leisure centre may donate money to a specially equipped urn. This money will be used for the support of Šiauliai regional children foster house. In future SM plans to take an increasingly active role in the life of the Šiauliai community.

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MLC SAULĖS MIESTAS fashion and leisure centre was opened on 14 March 2007. The centre is owned by ELL Real Estate, the largest real estate development company in the Baltic States. Investments in SAULĖS MIESTAS totalled over 80 million litas. Over 500 employees are employed in SAULĖS MIESTAS.

More: www.saulesmiestas.lt