Giving back to society

KAPITEL has been a successful business venture. We don’t take our accomplishments for granted, and we’re glad to share our successes with society. We’ve picked four areas to support.

We value culture. We restored an historical monument, a lovely 19th century wooden manor in Laulasmaa, opening Kõltsu Manor to the public for guided tours and concerts. In addition, we support good music – Sõru Jazz in Hiiumaa and Tuletorni Kontsert at Rannapungerja.

Estonian Minister of Culture recognised Kapitel with 2020 Culture Friend of the Year award for supporting Sõru Jazz.

Urban environments are changing faster and faster. As a real estate company, we want to participate in the discussion on planning the future of communities and neighbourhoods and help articulate better practices, knowledge and recommendations that planners and developers can use in their work. We’re supporting the Unfinished City research project, which analyses Tallinn’s urban planning visions and future architectural development scenarios. The three-year project is led by the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Specialists from outside the Academy are also collaborating with the faculty members, researchers and PhD students. In addition, the city of Tallinn is a partner. Estonian Minister of Culture recognised Kapitel with 2017 Culture Friend of the Year award for supporting the project “Unfinished City”.

In addition to the business environment, we want to help the public urban space to develop, and we have contributed to make Tallinn’s Old Town more attractive to Tallinners and our visitors. We financed the modern façade lighting for the towers and walls of Tallinn’s Old Town. It is one of the largest investments of private capital made in Tallinn’s urban space. As part of the project, over 40 features in the medieval centre got modern facade lighting, including Fat Margaret tower, Patkuli Stairs, Kiek in de Kök and Tall Hermann. In addition to that we have installed a group of bronze sculptures of monks in the Danish King’s garden and the Black Nights Film Festival Culture Wolf bronze sculpture in front of Nordic Hotel Forum.

Exercise and sports help keep people healthy, and elite athletes have always been a source of inspiration for non-professional sportspeople. We have been a gold sponsor of the Estonian Tennis Association since 2015, supporting the development of talented players on the youth team. We have also supported Estonian professional skiing.

We also support charity efforts. In 2016, we supported the SOS Children’s Village, which offers a sense of security and home to children deprived of parental care. We supported the building of a new home in the city of Kohtla-Järve, where children could move into a surrogate family environment.

In Estonia, Kapitel as one of the founders of the Digital Construction Cluster, has given its part to advance the digital construction fieldwhile in Latvia we contribute to development of professional education.

UAB Kapitel in Lithuania provided financial support for renovation of Estonian Auditorium at the Vilnius University where students learn Estonian language taught by a lecturer from the Tartu University for already more than ten years. This pro bono (charity) project was carried out in co-operation with the Estonian Embassy in Vilnius and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and its members. Amelija Rudenko has been board member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania for more than 7 years, supporting Estonian business presence in Lithuania.